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To join the Alumni Email Directory, you will need to:

  1. Read and agree to certain policies.
  2. Complete an information form.
  3. Allow minimum 2 working days for verification. You will then receive an email acknowledging your access.

Step One:
Please read these policies.

  1. This email directory is for Waldorf alumni only.
  2. This email directory is for the sole purpose of connecting classmates together.
  3. To have access to the email directory, you must have your email address listed.
  4. This email directory cannot be used for mass email distribution. For example, it cannot be used for business purposes, selling items, or personal promotion of ideas or beliefs.
  5. Each alum is responsible for maintaining their correct email address. Waldorf reserves the rights to occasionally send out a mass email to the entire directory for the purpose of determining if any of the email addresses are outdated.
  6. If your email address becomes outdated and Waldorf is not notified, your access to the email directory will be terminated.
  7. You cannot copy this email directory to sell or give to another person, business, institution or organization.
  8. Please allow two working days to respond to password requests or complaints.

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